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testimonials what anglers have to say

Duane: Minnesota USA

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I've fished extensively throughout Manitoba, CANADA
for thirty years. I am never without multiple styles
of Hester lures. They are my "go-to" lure.
They always attract large fish.
They always produce when nothing else will and
they never disappoint. This Northern Pike was
attracted to a 12 inch monster pike lure.
Thank you Hester,
keep supplying us with these high quality lures.
D. Filipek
Manitoba Master Angler

Mike: New York USA

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thank you very much for the great lures and the world class
success your lures bring each and every year for me.
i have been involved with hester lures for many years
and the company keeps getting better,better lures,
better selection, and amazing quality, their fit and
finish are best anywhere PERIOD. my personal favorite are
the WOUNDED PIKE line your offer ,it is a winner.
i have caught and released so many large pike/tiger musky
and muskies over the years with these lures.
i have even had a couple dream days on the water with these
amazing lures. they always run true during trolling passes,
casting , popping, or dead baiting. they are built like tanks,
they have accounted for many large bass also. these is something
to be said about a company that truly listens to their customers
and fans and delivers every time . this company takes customer
care to a whole new level and they do it at a VERY good price
every time. great job everybody.
mike larmondra, new york state, usa, aka musky mike !!

Matt: Ontario Canada

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Every year I embark on an early June fly in fishing trip to
northwestern Ontario. There have been countless days where
I have boated over 100 fish in an 8 hour period on the water.
Most of this time is spent using the Hester pike or
jointed mad minnow in various sizes. All the Hester lures
made of pea foam have held up incredibly well
(some have caught over 500 fish).
One thing I will say is that I also have a couple of Hester
pike that are made of plastic. The finish on these does not
hold up as well as the pea foam versions.
Keep up the good work.

Blake: Victoria Australia

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Dear Hester fishing. My mate Matt (another customer of yours) got me onto your
spinners whilst I joined him for some stream fishing, they
impressed me straight away in the small streams, however i wasnt
sure what to expect elsewhere. However i witnessed my mate catch
reddies in a creek with one and ive recently been having alog of
luck using the spinners on the stocked rainbow trout.
Attached is a photo showing 2 of my essential hester colours so far.
A recently caught rainbow on the chartreuse/yellow dot black bladed
spinner and a brown trout i caught with Matt on a standard gold
bladed Hester.
Looking forward to seeing what other fish these spinners will
catch me on my travels.
Will be looking to get more patterns and colours for sure. Cheers Sam
Victoria, Australia

Mike: New York State

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Dear Hester fishing.
Your lures rock and roll !
New York State

Matt: Victoria Australia

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Dear Hester Fishing,
Hey guys just thought i would show you what a couple of nice
browns ive been catching of your lures

John: Victoria Australia

Dear Hester Fishing,
I have been a new user of your product this Summer
(purchased from my local tackle store in Deer Park Victoria)
here in Australia and found them a great product.( I think I bought
around half his stock)
One colour in your line I think you may trial is Light Blue Yellow
spot version of the Ospray 201 ??? 002.
I have used a few different versions of your lures and find them
great under certain light conditions in Australia blue Colours are
highly taken.
Not to plug other companies lures but I catch a lot of fish one
blue with Yellow Tags.
I can show a few fish I have caught with your lure’s but nothing
to speak about size.
There’s a well fished hole in my favorite area with a monster
Brown Trout I have used over 700 type’s of lure’s the Trout nearly
took your 3g Fly Version with Red and white tail.(202 022 003)
A Fly Version with blue with Yellow Spots?
I have attached todays Wild Brown caught,in a spot were I had to
lay on stomach to get lure under trees, let it roll down rapids
for 20 secounds and started retrieving,around 4 secounds in a grab
nice fight and on seeing me,Trout jumped around 3 ft out of water
landed on rocks.
I’m not a big fan taking show photo’s as I like returning Trout
unharmed back quickly to water for someone else to have a chance.
These lure’s catch a lot of Redfin which are a pest in waterways
here.(I caught over 40 in 3 hours recently on 203 007 005)
Hope to hear you thoughts on my colour idea,I willing to paint
some myself and give feed back.
Kind Regards,

Matthew: Victoria Australia

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Dear Hester Fishing,
My name is Matthew. Im from Benalla Victoria Australia.
Im 22 years old and a very keen trout fisherman,
I get out every chance i get rain hail or shine im out there
giving it all i got. I have recently come across one of your
spinners in a little shop coming back from a fishing trip.
I payed $9 but that didnt bother me because the design on it
caught my eye the second i walked in the door.
I went onto your website and the rest of your designs
blew me away, they have trout eat me written all over them.
This year i have decided i want to make as many videos of my
trips as i can to share with everyone who love fishing as much
as i do and i will be using your spinners and also try out a
few other lures in my videos. I would like to buy nearly 1 of
every spinner you have.
I also added a couple of photos of a few trout i have caught.

Andrew: New York USA

Dear Hester Fishing,
Merry Christmas to you. Your lure was a hot one this fall.
Here are a couple of fish it caught.

Bryan: Ohio USA

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Dear Sirs,
You sent me a free Monster Pike lure with my order,
your special offer.
Well, it's my new favorite lure, the Ontario Flash!
I think your lures are just great!

Roger: Wisconsin USA

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My son, Rog Jr., caught this fish on Oct 8.
It hit a gold 5 1/2" perch floater #W-PRA-003-130-FL.

Bryan: Camp Van Vac Minn USA

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Hi Hester Fishing
I use your lures all the time. I think the flash and action
is fantastic! They always run true.
I was looking at your testimonials and I thought, I caught
a nice Northern Pike on your 7.5" Perch, Polish Bass color.
I fish in northern Minnesota USA.
Thanks. Bryan

Chris: Florida/Michigan USA

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Hey Hester Fishing
I received a few of my lures before I moved out of the country.
My dad said his plus some extra were delivered to his house
so I'm assuming those were mine.
Can't wait to try them out.
I know he's already fished with them and absolutely loves them
and caught a bunch of largemouth bass.
I bought the Polish Perch probably 10 years ago at
Gander Mountain and it has been my favorite lure since.
I've caught tons of Northern Pike on it.

Peter: Hungary, Europe

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Greetings Hester Fishing,
Hester lure success again.......killed your perch lure.
Thanks. Peter

Mike: Wisconsin USA

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Hi Hester Fishing
This Polish perch 130 has caught 8 muskies.
I should hang it on the wall.
No Way.

Scott: North Dakota USA

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The lures have arrived and look great.
Now we just need to melt 2 feet of winter ice and wait
for the open water season to use them.
Attached are 3 pictures. My wife caught the +8# pike on
the Humpback Bluegill last summer.
We also catch nice perch on this lake – up to 12 inches
(about a pound) on both the Bluegill and the
Perch pattern baits.
Thanks. Scott

Mike: Wisconsin USA

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I gave one of them new prototypes to my friend Chad....
right out of the box third cast he caught a 43 inch muskie.
thanks for making a great bait.

Antony: Tauranga, New Zealand

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the New Zealand trout season is open...
those Hester Vortex lures I bought from you are great
and effective.
fishing in a remote wild river I caught 6 rainbows...
released 3
also the free Laguna spinner you sent me is great for
'kahawai" which I mentioned below...
2nd cast Ive hooked one both times
I've used it ( unfortunately no camera on me)
heres a pic of couple of trout from last weekend,
with one of hesters lures Vortex spinners.
regards Antony, New Zealand

Allen: Ontario, Canada

Feature image
I was rally looking forward to using this
for king salmon we have here instead of
Instead can I please get the.
W-CLA-032-130-FL (trout colour)
W-CLA-113-130-FL (mirror carp)
These size and colour should be more attractive for the
big kings salmon we get here in Canada.
Thank you,
Btw. We love Hester lures, wish had more colours in
stock especially for the Skipper Minnow.

Mike: Wisconsin, USA

Feature image
Polish perch in action.41" musky.Thanx mike

David: Illinois, USA

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I have received the lures in the mail today. They look great!
Can't wait to use them on the up coming fishing trip.

Antony: Tauranga, New Zealand

thank you my order arrived today.
theres an extra lure in there... a big one...
is it an advertising/PR free gift? I certainly appreciate
it and think it will be good for a saltwater fish in
New Zealand we call "kahawai" - means water power/strength
in Maori ( our indigenous peoples language)... maybe known
as sea salmon internationally.
I look forward to your good service and goods in the future.

Bruce from Michigan USA

I just returned from Ontario Canada where I used several
of your Hester Lures. These are 2 videos I took of the
lures while fishing. I couldn’t check the videos until
I returned home, so I didn’t do that much filming.
I wish I had done more because the activity is very interesting.
It is interesting because after the pike attacked the lure it
caused the lure to become tangled and not “swim” correctly
however, another pike (or the same one) did hit it again.
I wish that I had the camera (Water Wolf) closer to the bait.
As shown the camera was about 6 ft away.
I have included some still photos and a photo of me with a
Northern Pike caught on a Hester Lure.
They seemed to like the Northern Pike..
(natural and fire pike)

Sean from Kentucky USA

Here's one I caught on your Monster Perch.

John from New Jersey USA

Striped bass from NJ caught on Hester Fishing Shad lure

Chris from So California USA

Hi Hester Fishing,
Your Perch lures perform very well. We have a saltwater bass
fishery here in Southern California that is unique to here
and Northern Baja only. They love your lures.

Steven from Ontario Canada

Hello: I am thrilled that I can purchase your products online.
Your lures are number one. Big fish become suspect to
continual flashy and phony lures. Hester lures are the
answer to heavily fished waters.
I have sent pictures of my muskies that have all been
caught on your realistic lures.
The collage contains my 53" musky.
All my fish are released.
I hope you might post them under your testimonals.
Thank you kindly and
I will be stocking up on more lures for the spring.
Take care,
Ontario, CANADA
P.S. I also attached a nice pike pic.
They whack Hester's too.

Matt from So California USA

I use your lures in the ocean for Calico Bass…
Matt K.

Todd from Wisconsin USA

Excellent lures. Here's my result from the lures.
Todd W.

Lee from southern Texas USA

The Pike Pack arrived, everything is great!
Cannot wait to retire the old ones and place the new
ones in service.
I have attached a photo of the ravished in-service lures.
The top one hooked a 50+ inch Musky, which we were unable
to pull into the boat due to its size.
The lure managed to stay hooked until the fish was release
alongside the boat, unfortunately due to the size of the
fish the lure was retired to hang on the wall of fame.
The second lure was inhaled by so many fish during a
single trip, it too had to be retired.
Many times, I have replaced the trailing hook with a small
Mepps lure and have had great success when the fishing
was slow. I do not have my trophy musky photos with me,
I am on a business trip.
I hope the attached Trophy Northern Pike, average Musky and
Trophy Lake Trout photos will serve your purpose.
I know I caught the attached Pike and Lake Trout
with your lure.
I used a 3 oz. drop weight in front of the lure to
catch the Lake Trout at 90 feet of depth.
Lee Rieniets
Thanks again!
Lee R.

Kim: Minnesota USA

I have logged many hours chasing big pike
and when it comes to lure size bigger is better.
The 12 inch Natural Color Monster Pike is my go to lure.
K. Schaper
Manitoba Master Angler

Michael from Nebraska USA

Feature image
Hello Hester Fishing,
I received my lures today, and they arrived in
perfect condition. Thank you for the great value and high
quality that I have always received from your lures.
I will be ordering more in the future and have recommended
them on our local outdoors forum.

Kirby from Wisconsin USA

Hello, Yes sir! - Got 'em safe n sound!!
Thanks for checking Taking them to Lac Seul in Canada
in two weeks! We kill the Northern up there with the 6" Pikes
with the 001 natural pike finish - Literally wear the lures
out Attached are a few pictures of some of the fish we catch
We have use the larger size some but the 6" seems to work
almost the best and we use that the most. We will catch them
using the 10" Monster Pike
also Thanks for the special offer Have a great day!

Daniele from Quebec Canada

Feature image
Bonjour !
For the fishing picture
They were all caught with the Bumblebee that is how I call
your Perch in the Gold Perch finish.
Zoom on the bench in front of me on the picture with the big
Pick and you are going
To see the small Polish Perch !
I have some more on my friend camera
Thanks for helping me
Your lures are the best I have ever fish with!!
No joke, often I am the only one catching fish,
an it does not take long that I have my partner asking for one,
I am like a Bumblebee pusher in the boat.

David from Nebraska USA

the lures arrived at my son's place last week,
don't know exact date. I bought several of your lures while
in Minnesota about 5 years ago...
northern pike & green mackerel.
had not seen them before up here in nw Ontario Canada.
I liked their decidedly different action, so decided to try
trolling them for lake trout in a remote lake my son and
I portage into. both lures caught trout. will now use them
for muskies later this summer. great product!
b harrington
David H.

Dan from Illinois USA

The Perch plugs arrived today.
FYI I received one of these as a gift from Ruffo Schindler
of Sportsman's Lodge in Saskatchewan but did not use it until
a few weeks later while fishing in southwestern Ontario.
It work extraordinarily well. I caught a plethora of large
(24 to 29") walleyes and a few Northern in about two hours.
Meanwhile, the other members of my party were catching
very few fish. I'm looking forward to using it again while
fishing in the Lower and Upper Manitou
(between Fort Frances and Dryden, Ont.) next month.
Best regards,
Dan Kelly

John from Wisconsin USA

I got this 42" Musky in Northern Wisconsin.
If you look on my tackle box, you will see that I was using
your Polish Pike! Definitely one of the best lures I've
fished with!
A 12 inch Natural Color Polish Monster Pike is my go to lure.

John from Michigan

Hello Hester Fishing,
Went to Canada with my usual tackle was not doing very well
I put on a pike lure 4 & 3/4 and 5 inch caught so many pike
I lost count 20#s was the biggest that was on a 7" lure.
Your lures are fantastic and i will soon be buying more.

Cory NSW Australia

Feature image
Yes I did receive my lures, thanks...
have only got the chance to try one of them so far but
I like the action and think it will do well.
We have had a bit of a rear thing happen here with one of our
impoundments open the flood gates and let quite a lot of the
fish into a near by river. So will hope to have pictures
for you guys soon.
Regards, Cory

Irvine New Brunswick Canada

Feature image
Received the lures in only 6 days ! Very fast.
Lures look excellent but have only used one a bit.
I am sure these lures will catch me some good fish.
I will post some pics when that happens!!

John from Wisconsin

Feature image
Dear Sir,
To save all the problems I'll just pay via PayPal
-- don't like to do it but also don't want to make you jump
thru any more hoops trying to assist me with alternative
payment methods.
-- yourlures are great,
I've produced fishing shows for eighteen years:
Rod and Reel Streamside with host Don Meissner.
These lures are the best for musky, pike and lake trout.
I'll attempt to find the original bill in my emails.

Jasamin from Quebec

Feature image
I tried this morning a Blowback hrtlures (golden color)
and look what I caught on the second cast!
I caught many more, but I am sending you a picture of
the biggest walleye from Quebec, Canada.
Will buy many more from your site. Thanks a lot!
Quebec Canada
  • www.portneufpeche.com

  • Jasamin

    Mathieu from Quebec Canada


    Mark from Maryland USA

    Thank You for the Lures
    they are working well for Striped Bass here in Maryland USA.
    I received the last shipment of lures on Monday April 15th
    however I was short 1 lure color # 248,
    Size 8 in. / 200 mm monster shad floater.
    I received 1 bag with 5 total lures. has 1 shipped separately
    and just has not arrived or is it on Back order.
    Thank You the lures are great.
    Dear Mark,
    Yes, one lure was sent separately.

    Irvine New Brunswick Canada

    Feature image
    Received my order today, 8 apr.
    Lure looks excellent and I hope it works as good as it looks.
    I think I will be ordering others in the near future.
    New Brunswick

    John from Wisconsin

    Hi Hester Fishing,
    Your Polish Pikes (Monster Pikes) are the best!
    I never had so many muskies follow a lure as
    the Polish Pike!
    Thanks again,

    John B.

    Vincent from Quebec

    Vincent Quebec
    Hello Hester Fishing,
    Me and my friend.
    Our best summer fishing north of Quebec, in the Cabonga Lake.

    Alain from Quebec

    Alain Quebec
    Proud to show my bigest walleye. A 5 and half pounds.
    Directly in the reservoir Baskatong, province of Quebec, Canada.
    Thanks to HRTLURES.
    A. Hébert
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